Why am I receiving connection attempts from this machine?

These connections are part of an Internet-wide research study being conducted by computer scientists at University of California, San Diego. This research involves making benign connection attempts to every public IP address. By measuring the entire public address space, we are able to study global trends in protocol security. We will never attempt to exploit security problems or change device configuration. We only receive data that is publicly visible to anyone who connects to a particular address and port.

We are using the ZMap network scanner to facilitate some of these scans. ZMap has been used for dozens of peer-reviewed academic papers. Projects our team has been involved in include:

Can I request that my server be excluded?

To have your host or network excluded from future scans conducted by our team, please contact research-scan@sysnet.ucsd.edu and include the IP addresses or CIDR blocks you would like us to blacklist. Alternatively, you can configure your firewall to drop traffic from the IP address we use for scanning: